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Display Data in a Pie Chart | Developer Portal : ThingWorx

Project Concept

This project will introduce the Pie Chart Widget.

Following the steps in this guide, you will learn to display how various IoT sensor values compare to the whole.

We will teach you how to utilize the Pie Chart Widget to display what percentage does a particular value represent.

Project Info

Type How To
Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published October 17, 2018
Author Jason Wyatt

You'll learn how to

    • Create a DataShape to format an InfoTable
    • Create a Thing with an InfoTable Property that will be displayed in the Pie Chart
    • Create a Mashup and add a Pie Chart Widget
    • Link your Thing's InfoTable Property to the Pie Chart Widget
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Things used in this project


This guide may be completed within any environment where you have access to the ThingWorx Foundation server.

This includes both the 30-day hosted evaluation server, as well as the 120-day downloadable trial.

Software components:
Previous knowledge:


  • Step 1: Introduction
  • Step 2: Create Datashape
  • Step 3: Create Thing
  • Step 4: Create Mashup
  • Step 5: Configure Pie Chart
  • Step 6: Next Steps