Guide Concept

This project will introduce ThingWorx Apps for Service.

Following the steps in this guide, you will learn how to add users, create a model to store data, and configure asset properties.

We will show you how ThingWorx Apps let you remotely monitor equipment without writing any code.


Guide Info

Level Beginner
Est. Time 60 Minutes
Published Mar 18, 2021
Author Allen Smith

You'll learn how to

  • Configure ThingWorx Apps
  • Connect ThingWorx Apps to ThingWorx Kepware Server
  • Create assets in ThingWorx and tie them to data items in Kepware Server
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Things used in this guide


This guide requires access to ThingWorx Foundation.

It assumes that you are using the hosted Foundation server

It also assumes you have downloaded and installed ThingWorx Kepware Server

Software components:
Previous knowledge