Key Benefits

ThingWorx Service Apps deliver a role-intelligent application that captures asset data directly in the context of a specific asset and prioritize the data by severity of issue or criticality of the asset. In addition, it includes the capabilities to resolve the issue remotely and/or immediately inform the field service organization with comprehensive service ticket information. ThingWorx Service Apps provide these capabilities in the context of the flow of that asset’s performance and how the tech can best utilize the information by guiding and providing him/her the tools they need to diagnose and resolve issues with all the pertinent info at their fingertips. This is all included with the industry’s most recognized IIoT innovation platform that allows for flexibility, customization, scalability and performance.

ThingWorx Service Apps enables a you to understand and act on service issues before the issues cause significant disruptions in the business.

  • Improve equipment uptime and field service productivity
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime by utilizing sensor and service data to anticipate issues before they occur
  • Understand equipment utilization rates and overall install base health
  • Identify trends in equipment performance
  • Seamlessly act on alerts by integrating with existing maintenance systems
  • Pre-emptively detect possible product failures and irregular operating conditions
  • Increase equipment up-time and reduce travel costs with remote repair and optimized field service response
  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance service calls and field dispatches by dispatching maintenance only when required
  • Reduce software distribution costs and installation errors
  • Capture and scale technical service expertise of workforce
  • Gain insight into asset and service model through visibility of pervasive issues
  • Use information on performance trends to guide future service strategy
  • Helps maintain Service Level Agreement response times

Components & Features

Application Enablement

Asset Advisor for service: ThingWorx Asset Advisor for service is specifically designed to give service operations the access to assets, the information on operation condition and the servicing capabilities needed to remotely monitor and perform issue resolution. This solution provides rules and alerts to detect exception conditions, access to interfaces to accurately diagnose issues, to remotely resolve issues to preempt more costly service events, to immediately alert your field service organization and to gain visibility into asset performance, avoiding or minimizing costly service visits.

Controls Advisor: Controls Advisor connects to all instances of KEPServerEX® and enables controls engineers to remotely monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot machine connectivity in real-time. Controls Advisor also provides instant notification of data communication errors so users can proactively prevent unplanned downtime and increase productivity across the plant floor.


  • Connect sensors, devices, and equipment across any network topology and communication protocol.
  • Leverage SDKs and APIs to reduce development time.
  • Connect edge devices or data sources with the ThingWorx Edge WebSocket-based MicroServer (WS EMS) using the AlwaysOn binary communication protocol.
  • Integration connectors enable you to easily connect to existing 3rd party systems and applications, such as ERP, CRM, or SCM and consume the data in ThingWorx.
  • Remotely access, upload log files from, or push software updates to connected devices.

Open Platform

Our suite of off-the-shelf device cloud adapters enables you to leverage existing cloud investments:

  • Connect devices that use the AWS IoT SDK and use the data to rapidly develop IoT solutions.
  • Contextualize data leveraging Azure IoT services to support IoT application, analytics, and Augmented Reality development.
  • Synchronize GE Predix asset data with ThingWorx to enable IoT application and Augmented Reality experience development.
  • Integrate OSI PI data into ThingWorx.

Device Management

  • Asset Management: Easily monitor and manage connected assets. Enables you to quickly access critical information as well as historical asset data.
  • Alert Management: Using a single interface, you can create and manage alerts and other rules that can perform actions to trigger notifications or launch business processes.
  • Remote Access: Provides secure access to critical data for connected products and devices.


  • ThingWorx is secure by design and offers multiple authentication options to increase the security of your IoT application.
  • Any communication is device-initiated, TLS-encrypted, and directed to only one server.
  • Security patches are distributed through our Software Content Management tool.
  • Role-based access controls allow for granular control of your Things, their data, and the actions available in your application.
  • Active Directory provides a single place to manage user and user groups and simplifies access management for Enterprise IT Administrators.

What's Included in the ThingWorx Service Trial

Limit Item Description Notes
5 Users Developers or runtime users of the developer edition Can be any combination of users and developers.
30 Days of use Trial period begins when the ThingWorx server is started in Apache Tomcat You can export content to a paid ThingWorx version. We strongly recommend that you export two or more days before the 30-day limit.

With these guides, you can get up to speed quickly!

ThingWorx Service Apps Trial FAQ

FAQs related to the ThingWorx Service Apps Trial.


Refer to the instructions in the ThingWorx Service Apps Setup and Configuration Guide for helpful tips on how to install your trial.


The ThingWorx Service Apps Trial is available for 30 days


Please reach out to our team with any issues, comments, or suggestions.