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Deploy an Application | Developer Portal : ThingWorx

Project Concept

This project will introduce how to get your application ready for usage by actual users or ready to collect data.

Following the steps in this guide, you will be ready to present your finished application to users so they can benefit from its functionality. Deploying your application provides the ability for users to access it from anywhere, anytime and enables your edge devices to communicate with your application 24/7.

We will teach you how to deploy your ThingWorx Iot application to be ready for whatever experience you've molded it to be.

Project Info

Type How To
Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published January 09, 2019
Author Jason Johnson

You'll learn how to

    • Create login screens, users and user groups
    • Define security permissions
    • Deploy application
    • Identify and troubleshoot issues
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Things used in this project


This guide requires a connection to ThingWorx Foundation.

This includes both the 30-day hosted evaluation server, as well as the 120-day downloadable trial.

Software components:
Previous knowledge:


  • Step 1: Completed Example
  • Step 2: Define Organization
  • Step 3: Security and Permissions
  • Step 4: Deploy Application
  • Step 5: Logging and Troubleshooting
  • Step 6: Next Steps