Guide Concept

Extensions enable you to quickly and easily add new functionality to an IoT solution. Mashup widget extensions can be utilized to enhance a user's experience, your ability to develop robust applications, and make development easier as you move forward with your IoT development.

The Eclipse Plugin for ThingWorx Extension Development (Eclipse Plugin) is designed to streamline and enhance the creation of extensions for the ThingWorx Platform. The plugin makes it easier to develop and build extensions by automatically generating source files, annotations, and methods as well as updating the metadata file to ensure the extension can be imported.

These features allow you to focus on developing functionality in your extension, rather than spend unnecessary time getting the syntax and format of annotations and the metadata file correct.


Guide Info

Level Intermediate
Est. Time 60 Minutes
Published Mar 16, 2021
Author Jason Johnson

You'll learn how to

  • Utilized the Eclipse Plugin and Extension SDK
  • Create and configure an Extension project
  • Create A mashup Widget Extension
  • Build and import an Extension
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