Develop Your Industrial IoT Application

The ThingWorx low-code IoT development environment provides you with the flexibility to rapidly connect, create, and deploy comprehensive industrial IoT applications. With pre-built extensions and widgets as well as a large ecosystem of partners, ThingWorx addresses the fundamental IoT development challenges, freeing you up to create solutions that accommodate constantly changing business needs.

Check out our Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT guide to understand the basics of ThingWorx and quickly experience how easy it is to develop an IIoT application.

The ThingWorx Platform Stack

IoT development is all about transforming data. If your data is in motion, streaming from sensors, or at rest, sitting in an Enterprise Data store, ThingWorx easily classifies that data into information that is then stored internally using a Thing Model. Built in analytics tools allow you to rapidly unlock actionable insights from your information to be displayed in dashboards or acted on in real time using ThingWorx built in machine learning analytics.

Platform Capabilities

ThingWorx enables you to manage the development lifecycle for your IoT applications in one centralized place. By leveraging the power of the platform, you can quickly connect devices, analyze data, build, and deploy solutions.

We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your business needs and go to market faster.


Create and design engaging experiences for your customers:

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Augmented Reality

Leverage our robust set of pre-built widgets and drag-and-drop GUI IDE to create dynamic applications.

Target Audiences
UI Developer
Application Developer
AR Developer
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Build your IoT application with our simple drag-and-drop GUI development environment.

  • Design the data model for your solution
  • Define the functional behavior of your application
  • Integrate business logic into your application
  • Extend your application with 3rd-party plug-ins

With a properly-constructed framework, your application will be scalable, flexible and more secure.

Target Audiences
Application Developer
Edge Developer
Application Admin
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Convert data readings from your devices into information that's easy to understand.

  • Descriptive: Visualizations, charts, graphics
  • Diagnostic: What happened?
  • Explanatory: Why is it happening?
  • Predictive: Predict future outcomes
  • Prescriptive: How to improve process

Automate, instead of manually coding and maintaining predictive models.

Target Audiences
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
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Connect devices to our robust ThingWorx platform and rapidly scale your application deployment.

We offer flexibility depending on your preferred methodology, including:

  • AlwaysOn custom protocol
  • Industry-compliant standards
  • Pre-built integrations to IoT clouds and 3rd party systems
Target Audiences
Edge Developer
Application Developer
Application Admin
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Manage your connected systems, applications and devices on our platform.

  • Device management
  • Remote access
  • Software management
  • High Scale Ingest (HSI)
  • Troubleshooting/Debugging
Target Audiences
Application Admin
Application Developer
Edge Developer
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