Service teams are under constant pressure to reduce the cost of service delivery while keeping customer satisfaction levels and net promoter scores high. This requires better and more timely data about the condition and performance of products deployed to the field so that issues can be detected early and rectified remotely where possible, eliminating truck rolls. When on-site work is required, real-time data helps to minimize the impact on customers—enabling high first-time-fix rates and lowering mean-time-to-repair. ThingWorx apps for Service are pre-built solutions that get you up and runnings that you and your customers get the benefits of connecting the field service team to your products and your products, as soon as possible.

Asset Advisor

ThingWorx Asset Advisor App for Service is a pre-built app for real-time visibility into the health and status of critical assets. With ThingWorx Asset Advisor you can create alerts for maintenance and service to rectify problems that may impact production.

  • Real-time visibility into product status, health, sensor details, and alerts
  • Customizable text and email alerts notify of operational issues
  • Maximize service team performance
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Increase flexibility and efficiency
  • Optimize service scheduling and reduce costs
  • Rapid implementation and fast time to value

Get Started

Task-based guide is designed to give you hands-on experience with ThingWorx Foundation and the ThingWorx Apps. You’ll learn how to

  • Configure ThingWorx Apps
  • Connect Apps to ThingWorx Kepware Server
  • Create assets in ThingWorx and connect them to live data in ThingWorx Kepware Server

Additional Resources

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ThingWorx Apps Customization Guide
Customize ThingWorx Manufacturing and Service Apps in ThingWorx Composer.
ThingWorx Service Apps Setup and Configuration Guide-Free Trial Edition
Describes the version compatibility of ThingWorx Apps.
ThingWorx Asset Advisor for Service Datasheet
Accelerate time to value by enabling service to remotely monitor, diagnose and resolve issues.

Free Trial

Sign up for free access to ThingWorx Foundation and the ThingWorx Apps. With your free trial, you can:
  • Build robust industrial IoT apps that enable 100s use cases from the shop floor to the top floor
  • Manage PLCs and assets with flexible, customizable pre-built apps that provide real-time visibility

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included in my free trial?

The ThingWorx free trial includes access to ThingWorx Foundation and the ThingWorx Apps: ThingWorx Controls Advisor, and ThingWorx Asset Advisor.

Where can I find getting started resources?

The ThingWorx Developer portal is filled with helpful content and guides to help you get started. There are manufacturing specific guides and projects, as well as general guides to get you started with ThingWorx.

Will I receive updates from PTC?

Yes. Signing up for the free trial will subscribe you to emails to help guide you and maximize your trial.


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