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Explore the capabilities of the ThingWorx platform hands-on using our vast collection of tutorials and user guides. Enhance your learning experience by connecting with our diverse, ever-growing community of developers. Get started today with a free trial.

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ThingWorx Platform

Rapidly deliver powerful industrial IoT applications and manage the development lifecycle of your project in one centralized place.


Leverage pre-built applications to transform your industrial IoT data into actionable insights.


Build and publish Augmented Reality experiences for connected products with Vuforia Studio.

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We provide a one-time hosted evaluation server for you to explore ThingWorx for 30 days – no installation required.

When to use: Ideal for when you want to explore platform features and learn how to build IIoT applications with ThingWorx.

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Download one of the ThingWorx trial editions to install in your own environment for 90 days. Evaluate individual platform components or mix and match the modules to meet your project’s needs.

When to use: Ideal for when you want to build your first prototype with ThingWorx.

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Discover new ThingWorx developer resources, upcoming events, technical webinars, and other noteworthy announcements.

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ThingWorx Developer Community

Mar 22nd, 2019 08:29 PM
When predicting a Boolean goal such as Failure in the next hour or any other goal that has a yes or no answer, Thingworx Analytics(TWXA) models will o...
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ThingWorx Events

Dec 13th, 2018 11:00 AM
Join experts from Brock Solutions and Jeff Bates, Product Manager at PTC as they discuss successful ...
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ThingWorx Events

Oct 23rd, 2018 02:03 PM
Join PTC and the Vuforia product teams at Unite Los Angeles, where developers can learn more about V...


At American Manufacturing Summit we'll be demoing a Motor Unit that displays how @PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Innov… https://t.co/GGFW1kiU7z

Develop a work instruction app 2x faster with Operator Advisor! https://t.co/Ils2of09CN #IIoT #solutions #appdevelopment #ThingWorx

Join the @PTC ThingWorx team at #MfgUS19 March 26-27 in Chicago, IL: https://t.co/KMdLCfWR44 @Mfg_USA @GenerisGP https://t.co/pipbqUngOx