In addition to a suite of tools to manage a network of devices, developers can customize and extend these tools to build applications that meet the unique needs of their IoT initiatives.

Software Management
Software Management

​ThingWorx provides the ability to distribute and remotely install software updates and patches to all devices.

  • Content Management APIs to configure custom processes for distributing software. 
  • Schedule content for deployment.
  • Define transfer & installation sequences.
  • Track & record distribution status.
  • Configuration based deployments.

Remote Access
Remote Access

​ThingWorx provides the tools to access your assets and systems, diagnose conditions, and fix problems. 

  • Bi-directional file transfers and remote sessions.
  • Asset visibility permissions administration.
  • Remotely retrieve log & configuration files.

Device and Asset Management
Asset and Alert Management

ThingWorx provides the ability to manage, monitor and communicate with all of your distributed assets.​

  • Automatically manage and provision your assets.
  • Continuously monitor your assets to detect problems before they cause downtime.
  • View, manage and interact with device alerts to gain insights into active and historic alert information.