Manufacturers are under constant pressure to minimize downtime, improve quality, and respond faster to individual customer requirements, all while lowering costs. The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are pre-built solutions that can be tried in less than 60 minutes without disrupting production. These apps provide manufacturers with real-time visibility into factory floor operations, from individual PLCs to assets to plants to enterprise-wide operations.

ThingWorx Connected Work Cell

Connected Work Cell streamlines how information is delivered to frontline workers by aggregating critical data from multiple data siloes into a simplified visual application. It presents step-by-step work instructions with accurate, up-to-date information to drive efficiency, links instructions to work orders, assigns resources, and validates proper execution to ensure quality.

  • Lite work instruction authoring with multiple step types and versioning
  • Workpiece routes editor and work order scheduling
  • Step-by-Step tracking of operator execution 
  • Smart tool configuration
  • Work station dashboard display
  • File storage and document management
  • Present accurate, up-to-date work instructions using 3D models
  • Aggregate work requirements from multiple sources into one simplified display at the work station
  • Increase workforce flexibility by reducing upfront training before being assigned to a new work cell
  • Improve quality by collecting actual tool use data
  • Rapid implementation and fast time to value


ThingWorx Real-Time Production and Performance Monitoring

Real-Time Production and Performance Monitoring provides manufacturing executives and plant managers with top-down, real-time visibility into consistent KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness, mean time between failure, and mean time to repair.

  • Connect existing assets and gather real-time data
  • View overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), mean time between failure (MTBF), and mean time to repair (MTTR) in real-time 
  • Compare geographically separated assets, lines, or products based on date, time, shift or crew
  • Improve operational performance of existing assets by increasing throughput and decreasing waste
  • Balance labor vs. capital expenditures to meet production needs
  • Determine true overall equipment effectiveness for multiple facilities


ThingWorx Asset Monitoring and Utilization

Asset Monitoring and Utilization helps manufacturers connect to existing assets, remotely monitor them in real-time, generate alerts based on abnormal conditions, and deliver critical insights with data trending and analysis tools.


  • Performance Dashboards with real-time access to open alarms
  • Email and SMS distribution rules for messaging and alarm acknowledgment
  • Integration to maintenance systems
  • Detailed screens showing asset health, configuration parameters, and sensor trends 
  • Quickly identify anomalous data trends and perform Root Cause Analysis
  • Maximize asset uptime and availability with alerts on critical issues before they impact performance
  • Rapidly connect to and catalog existing assets
  • Quickly Identify Anomalous Data Trends and perform Root Cause Analysis