ThingWorx® Manufacturing Apps are easy-to-deploy, pre-configured role-based apps that enhance visibility, productivity, and performance across the factory. Powered by KEPServerEX® the apps provide seamless connectivity and real-time data visualizations. Use our guides to learn how to remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity, detect anomalies across all assets, and gain insight into production line performance and status.

Get Started

Getting started with ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps in these guides to get up and running in no time.

Renew & Upgrade

Renew the license of your FREE edition, or upgrade to the Standard and Premium editions.
Renew the license of your Free edition and learn how to upgrade to the Standard and Premium editions...

Evolve & Expand

Use our developer kit in a sandbox environment to customize and create new apps and view enterprise-level operations.
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Download our Developer Kit to leverage the power of the platform.

Additional Resources

Access additional information related to ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps.
Mfg Apps Setup and Configuration Guide
Install and set up the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps.
Mfg Apps Customization Guide
Configure and customize the ThingWorx Manufacturing apps.
Mfg Apps Brochure
High-level overview of the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps.
Controls Advisor Data Sheet
Learn more about Controls Advisor.
Asset Advisor Datasheet
Learn more about Asset Advisor.
Production Advisor Datasheet
Learn more about Production Advisor.
Mfg Apps Community
Visit the Mfg Apps community for questions related to installation, configuration, capabilities.
Kepware Technical Support
Visit the Kepware Technical Support page for questions related to Kepware and KEPServerEX.