Video Guide: Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT

Mar 26, 2021 | Projects & Guides

This new guide will introduce you to the principles of ThingWorx Foundation by creating a working web application, guided by a convenient video.

Following the steps in this guide, you will create the building blocks of your first application for the Internet of Things (IoT). You will use ThingWorx Composer to create Thing Templates, which are then used to create Things that model the application domain. A simulator is imported to generate time-series data that is saved to a Value Stream.

After modeling the application in ThingWorx Composer, you'll use Mashup Builder to create the web application Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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ThingWorx Demos

Mar 19, 2021 | Site Enhancements

Dive head-first into our leading industrial IoT platform with ThingWorx Demos. In these interactive apps, you’ll see how ThingWorx collects, displays, and analyzes data from a variety of sources in real time.


Built for a food service company, our first demo exemplifies just some of the diverse utility you can leverage using ThingWorx. See how Fizos Foods tracks sales revenue, delivery metrics, and personnel data all on one platform.

Check out ThingWorx Demos

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What's New in Thingworx 9.1

Jan 15, 2021 | Product Release Notes

Platform Capabilities

Platform Updates
  • Maintain compatibility for custom extensions without the need for licensing with Open JDK for Java 11
  • Azure IoT Hub Connector now supports high availability and horizontal scalability with ThingWorx
  • Microsoft Azure deployment ARM templates enable easier provisioning of environments required for ThingWorx installs
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What's New Thingworx 9

Aug 05, 2020 | Product Release Notes

ThingWorx 9 enables organizations to enhance availability, scalability, operability, and deployments. The new IIoT capabilities expand connectivity options and add enhanced modeling and scoring to analytics. There are several reasons to upgrade but not limited to:

  1. High Availability and Horizontal Scalability We are proud to have “cracked the code” on delivering a highly scalable architecture that maintains the flexibility and power that our customers have come to expect from the ThingWorx experience. Active-active clustering yields the highest availability for IIoT solutions, minimizing pote...

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New Api Explorer

Jan 02, 2020 | Site Enhancements

The ThingWorx Developer Portal has been updated to improve to help developers access some of the most requested content. The ThingWorx Foundation REST API is now easier than ever to try out with a new dynamic API explorer tool. This new tool new along with the downloads for our AlwaysOn SDKs are now easily available from every page of the Develpoper Portal.

It is easy to view the core REST API calls that: create new Things, update Properties of existing Things, and return the current value of a Property

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New: Learning Paths

May 13, 2019 | Site Enhancements

The ThingWorx Developer Portal is the go-to source for ThingWorx developers and users to learn how to use ThingWorx solutions, get up and running quickly, and continue to build knowledge and enhance their skillsets.

To enable users to better identify learning objectives and reduce time to proficiency, the Developer Portal has introduced Learning Paths, providing learners with step-by-step guidance through a comprehensive learning journey. Each path comprises a curated list of guides to teach related skills efficiently from start to finish and is defined by role, objective, or technology.


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