Create compelling, modern application user interfaces in ThingWorx with the latest enhancements to our Mashup visualization platform - Collection and Custom CSS.

In this webinar with IoT application designer Gabriel Bucur, we'll show how the new Collection widget makes it easy to replicate visual content in your UI for menu systems, dashboards, tables, and more. You'll learn about several of the 60+ configuration properties available for collections, many of which offer input/output bindings for dynamic flexibility.

Gabriel will also demonstrate the styling and UX power of the latest feature in the Next Gen Composer, which allows you to write classes and CSS for your mashups, masters, and widgets.


Gabriel Bucur

Gabriel serves as IoT web design specialist at PTC, and is responsible for driving UI/UX strategies that reflect the power of the ThingWorx Platform. He has over 10 years' experience as an interactive designer with a focus on website coding, web and mobile application development, branding, and even jewelry design. Gabriel's work spans the entire lifecycle of a project, covering everything from application functionality to proof of concept delivery.

Watch this video and learn how to:

  • Display a collection of organized Mashups
  • Populate the Collection widget with IoT data
  • Apply advanced styling, animations, and responsive behaviors to your UI

This sample Mashup contains all the data and entities Gabriel shares in this video. Simply download and import into your own ThingWorx Composer environment.

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