Guide Concept

In this tutorial, you’ll develop an application that integrates data from a Raspberry Pi (including other options, such as a distance sensor and/or a temperature/humidity sensor).

We’ll show you how to capture, store, analyze, and visualize data utilizing Vuforia Studio and the ThingWorx platform.


Guide Info

Level Expert
Est. Time 60 Minutes
Published Feb 01, 2021
Author Allen Smith

You'll learn how to

  • Generate an Application Key
  • Create a Thing
  • Set Up a Raspberry Pi
  • Hook Up the Sensors (Optional)
  • Copy Scripts to the Raspberry Pi (Optional)
  • Create a Project in Vuforia Studio
  • Add a 3D Model to the Experience
  • Add a ThingMark
  • Add a 3D Label
  • Add 2D Widgets
  • Publish the Experience
  • View the Experience in Vuforia View
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