Project Concept

When you develop an application with ThingWorx, you must save the configuration data that defines the data model and the user interface. You also need to store the dynamic data that is generated by devices at runtime (such as temperature or location). ThingWorx uses the term Persistence Provider to refer to any type of service that saves application data, usually it is a database. When your application moves into production you must choose and configure a persistence provider that meets your requirements.

Project Info

Type Informational
Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published October 16, 2018
Author Al Smith

You'll learn how to

    • Pros and cons of different databases that can be used as persistence providers for ThingWorx
    • The database best suited to certain applications
    • Where to find detailed information about the persistence providers
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Things used in this project


This guide requires a connection to the ThingWorx Foundation.

It assumes that you are utilizing the 30-day hosted Foundation server or the 120-day downloaded trial.

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  • Step 1: Persistence Provider Options
  • Step 2: Next Steps