Key Benefits

Convenient Download

Take advantage of all the capabilities ThingWorx has to offer: the ThingWorx Trial Bundle combines ThingWorx Foundation, Utilities, Analytics, and Industrial Connectivity in one convenient download.

Universal Installer

With the ThingWorx Trial Bundle, the components are already linked to each other, so you can experience how all ThingWorx capabilities work in sync without the need for custom configurations. Our universal installer expedites the process, so you can get hands-on access quickly.

Build Your Proof of Concept

Are you all geared up to build your IoT proof of concept or not exactly sure where to begin your IoT journey? With the ThingWorx Trial Bundle, you have access to all the functionality you need to start building enterprise-grade IoT applications: from connecting devices and analyzing data to building engaging IoT applications for web and mobile.


  • Connect sensors, devices, and equipment across any network topology and communication protocol. Leverage SDKs and APIs to reduce development time.
  • Connect edge devices or data sources with the ThingWorx Edge WebSocket-based MicroServer (WS EMS) using the AlwaysOn binary communication protocol.
  • Easily connect to existing 3rd party systems and applications, such as ERP, CRM, or SCM and consume ThingWorx data with integration connectors.
  • Remotely access, upload log files from, or push software updates to connected devices.
  • Connect, manage, monitor, and control factory devices through one centralized platform ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity. Leveraging OPC and IT-centric communication protocols, it provides one single point of entry to information from enterprise and manufacturing systems.
  • Implement Anomaly Detection with ThingWatcher: The ThingWatcher Framework is a Java API that can be used to build anomaly detection functionality into your own IoT solutions. Capturing data from an edge device, ThingWatcher automatically observes and learns the normal state pattern and detects anomalies in real-time.
  • Predict future outcomes with ThingPredictor: ThingPredictor uses prediction models generated by ThingWorx Analytics Server or equivalent Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) compliant prediction model generation tool to examine a dataset and predict results for each record based on similarities to records analyzed during model training.
  • Improve future performance with ThingOptimizer: Take your analytical processes from predicting outcomes to seeing how certain changes might affect future outcomes by automatically identifying the key factors causing a given outcome. Perform ad-hoc outcome simulations before you take an action and identify optimal settings to maximize or minimize the risk of an outcome.
  • Automate complex calculations with ThingWorx Analytics Server: Automate complex calculations and generate predictions, simulations, and prescriptions. Utilizing data from your Things as well as historical data as a learning source, ThingWorx Analytics Server uses machine learning to automatically build and validate predictive models, which are instantly usable by ThingPredictor and ThingOptimizer to perform predictions, simulations and determine recommendations.
  • New Composer: Composer is an integrated application development environment that enables comprehensive data synthesis, efficient service authoring, and easy application management. Composer is your interface to configure and deploy your Thing Model.
  • Mashup Builder: This low-code drag-and-drop environment enables you to easily create graphical UIs for mobile and web IoT applications. Mashup Builder comes with 60+ pre-built visualization Widgets that you can leverage to accelerate time to market.
  • Thing Model: In ThingWorx, the Thing Model is a digital entity that describes a physical asset, process, or organizational element. It generates a RESTful API for Things to enable quick and consistent development and inter-system communication.
  • Asset Management: easily monitor and manage connected assets. Enables you to quickly access critical information as well as historical asset data.
  • Alert Management: Using a single interface, you can create and manage alerts and other rules that can perform actions to trigger notifications or launch business processes.
  • Software Content Management: Enables efficient, secure, reliable, and cost-effective mass distribution of software modules to connected devices.
  • Remote Access: Easily and securely provides business analysts and line-of-business users with ready access to critical information about connected products and devices.

Whats included in the trial

Limit Item Description Notes
10 Users Developers or runtime users of the developer edition Can be any combination of users and developers.
150 Things ThingWorx Composer use is restricted to 100 things Includes things created by ThingWorx Software Content Management and workflows.
10 ThingWorx workflows Feature to create business workflows to simplify runtime business processes This is limited to 10 active workflows. Once 10 workflows are saved, you cannot add additional workflows.
10 ThingWorx Software Content Management packages Feature that allows software files to be delivered to connected device This is limited to 10 active packages. Once 10 packages are saved, you cannot add additional packages.
120 Days of use Trial period begins when the ThingWorx server is started in Apache Tomcat You can export content to a paid ThingWorx version. We strongly recommend that you export two or more days before the 120-day limit.
  • NOTE: The chart refers to the limitations for the Foundation portion of the Trial. You can try all Industrial Connectivity features for two (2) hours. The evaluation period can be repeated by stopping and starting the software. There are no other limitations to the Industrial Connectivity portion of the trial. Channel, device, and tag counts are unlimited.

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