Key Benefits

ThingWorx Foundation is the core development environment of our industrial innovation platform that enables you to rapidly connect, create, and deploy comprehensive IoT applications. With pre-built extensions and widgets as well as a large ecosystem of partners, ThingWorx Foundation easily scales to accommodate your changing business needs.

Low-code development environment

Model-driven approach allows you to focus on your application composition rather than debugging and updating code. The ThingModel provides an abstract view of physical assets, and contains associated rules, properties and business logic.

Open Platform

Off the shelf integrations with leading IoT device clouds and services empowers you to maximize the ROI of your existing technologies.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Connectivity options that provide for secure, bidirectional communication with industry-standard sensors, devices and equipment, allowing you to aggregate volumes of disparate data.

Enterprise-grade Deployment & Storage

Deploy enterprise-grade IoT solutions with a highly-available storage mechanism for disaster recovery and redundancy.

Device Management Capabilities

ThingWorx enables you to monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of connected products.


ThingWorx is flexible and can scale to any enterprise-ready deployment architecture. Capable of supporting millions of connected devices, allowing you to expand as needed.

Components & Features

Application Enablement

  • Composer: Composer is an integrated application development environment that enables comprehensive data synthesis, efficient service authoring, and easy application management. Use Composer to configure and deploy your Thing Model. New Composer uses modern browser concepts to improve developer and administrator efficiency.
  • Mashup Builder: This low-code drag-and-drop environment enables you to easily create graphical UIs for mobile and web IoT applications. Mashup Builder comes with 60+ pre-built visualization widgets that you can leverage to accelerate time to market.
  • Thing Model: The Thing Model is a digital entity that describes a physical asset, process, or organizational element. It generates a RESTful API for things to enable quick and consistent development and inter-system communication.
  • Anomaly Detection: Implement anomaly detection to monitor a data stream from a device, calculate an expected distribution of data, and validate that the data point is within the expected range. You can configure alerts to notify a user or system of changing conditions within your IoT data and application.


  • Connect sensors, devices, and equipment across any network topology and communication protocol.
  • Leverage SDKs and APIs to reduce development time.
  • Connect edge devices or data sources with the ThingWorx Edge WebSocket-based MicroServer (WS EMS) using the AlwaysOn binary communication protocol.
  • Integration connectors enable you to easily connect to existing 3rd party systems and applications, such as ERP, CRM, or SCM and consume the data in ThingWorx.
  • Remotely access, upload log files from, or push software updates to connected devices.

Open Platform

Our suite of off-the-shelf device cloud adapters enables you to leverage existing cloud investments:

  • Connect devices that use the AWS IoT SDK and use the data to rapidly develop IoT solutions.
  • Contextualize data leveraging Azure IoT services to support IoT application, analytics, and Augmented Reality development.
  • Synchronize GE Predix asset data with ThingWorx to enable IoT application and Augmented Reality experience development.
  • Integrate OSI PI data into ThingWorx.

Device Management

  • Asset Management: Easily monitor and manage connected assets. Enables you to quickly access critical information as well as historical asset data.
  • Alert Management: Using a single interface, you can create and manage alerts and other rules that can perform actions to trigger notifications or launch business processes.
  • Software Content Management: Enables efficient, secure, reliable, and cost-effective mass distribution of software modules to connected devices.
  • Remote Access: Provides secure access to critical data for connected products and devices.


  • ThingWorx is secure by design and offers multiple authentication options to increase the security of your IoT application.
  • Any communication is device-initiated, TLS-encrypted, and directed to only one server.
  • Security patches are distributed through our Software Content Management tool.
  • Role-based access controls allow for granular control of your Things, their data, and the actions available in your application.
  • Active Directory provides a single place to manage user and user groups and simplifies access management for Enterprise IT Administrators.

What's Included in the ThingWorx Foundation Trial

Limit Item Description Notes
10 Users Developers or runtime users of the developer edition Can be any combination of users and developers.
150 Things ThingWorx Composer use is restricted to 100 things Includes things created by ThingWorx Software Content Management and workflows.
10 ThingWorx workflows Create business workflows to simplify runtime business processes This is limited to 10 active workflows. Once 10 workflows are saved, you cannot add additional workflows.
10 ThingWorx Software Content Management packages Feature that allows software files to be delivered to connected device This is limited to 10 active packages. Once 10 packages are saved, you cannot add additional packages.
120 Days of use Trial period begins when the ThingWorx server is started in Apache Tomcat You can export content to a paid ThingWorx version. We strongly recommend that you export two or more days before the 120-day limit.

ThingWorx Foundation Trial FAQ

FAQs related to the ThingWorx Foundation Trial.

How do I install the ThingWorx Foundation trial?

Refer to the instructions in the Foundation Server Installation Guide for helpful tips on how to install your trial.

I am having trouble installing the ThingWorx Foundation trial. What should I do?

Follow the instructions in the Foundation Server Installation Troubleshooting Guide for tips on how to troubleshoot your ThingWorx installation.

Why do you offer two trial options (Hosted and Downloadable)?

The "hosted" trial provides 30-days of easy access to explore the platform capabilities using our Guides. The "downloadable" version is a 120-day trial for you to evaluate and build IoT applications in your own environment.

Can I access my work after the trial period is over?

All trial instances are deleted after the trial period is over. These servers are not backed up and the content that was stored on them is not recoverable. We highly recommend that you export any entities that you would like to access at a later time.

How do I export my data from the trial to use in the downloaded version?

Click the icons in the Trials pop-up ( ) to Export your ThingWorx entities. Learn more at Importing and Exporting Help Center.

For how long can I access the ThingWorx Foundation trial?

It depends on which trial you are using: If you’re taking advantage of the free hosted Thingworx instance, you will be able to access your trial for 30 days. If you install the trial in your own environment, you will be able to run the trial for 120 days.

Who should I contact with comments or issues regarding the ThingWorx Developer Portal?

Please reach out to our team with any issues, comments, or suggestions.