Which ThingWorx Trial is right for you?

ThingWorx consists of several technology modules that enable you to rapidly deliver powerful industrial IoT applications and Augmented Reality experiences. Deploy individual components or mix and match the modules to meet your project requirements. Alternatively, you can download the ThingWorx Trial Bundle which combines all the functionality into one convenient bundle.

ThingWorx Foundation ThingWorx Analytics ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity ThingWorx Studio ThingWorx Trial Bundle
What can you do
Access the core functionality of the platform, including flexible connectivity options, asset management, and application development tools. Use powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze data, predict issues, and automate resolutions Integrate connectivity protocol adapters and aggregators for industrial equipment. Author, deploy, and manage augmented reality experiences for IIoT. Build your IoT proof of concept with the suite of ThingWorx modules.
Key Features
  • Composer: low code development environment
  • Mashup Builder: drag and drop editor to create web & mobile GUIs
  • Device Cloud Management
  • Connectivity: SDKs, REST API, Protocol Adapters, Agents & gateways, Edge Micro Server (AlwaysOn
  • Asset Management & remote Access
  • Software Content Management
  • Alert Management
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Explanatory Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Scoring
  • Digital Simulation
  • 150+ industrial protocol drivers
  • Aggregation of real-time plant floor data
  • Messaging security via SSL and TLS
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Code-free design environment
  • ThingWorx Experience Service: storage for all AR experiences
  • ThingWorx View: delivers rich 2D/3D user experience for smart devices
  • ThingMark: create unique identifiers for your assets
  • Includes the functionality of ThingWorx Composer, ThingWorx Analytics, and ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity.
How to get it?
  Access Download  Access Download Access Download Get Access Access Download
Operating System

Windows / Unix / OSX



Windows / Unix / OSX

Operating Systems:
Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

15 GB of disk space, minimum of 4 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM (recommended)
Length of Trial
  • Download: Install ThingWorx in your environment for a period of 120 days
  • Download and test for a period of 120 days
  • Fee Hosting: we will host a ThingWorx Studio for free for 30 days
  • Download: Install ThingWorx in your environment for a period of 120 days

Trials FAQ

What is the difference between "hosted" and "downloadable" trials?

The hosted trial includes Foundation, Utilities and Analytics so you can explore the platform capabilities for 30 days using our Guides. The downloadable versions (above) allow you to evaluate, build and test IoT applications in your own environment for 120 days.

What trials are available for download?

The trials currently available for download on the Developer Portal are: Foundation Server w/ Utilities, Industrial Connectivity (Windows only), ThingWorx Trial Bundle (Foundation w/ Utilities, Analytics, Industrial Connectivity).

How do I create and access my hosted server?

Look for the Trials icon ( ) in the top-right of the Developer Portal to create and access your "hosted" servers. You can find other trials to download on the Trials Download page.

How can I tell how many days are remaining in my hosted trial?

The color and the number displayed on the Trials icon ( ) indicates how many days are remaining in your hosted trial.

What should I do if my trial is expiring?

Click the icons in the Trials pop-up ( ) to Export your ThingWorx entities. Learn more at Importing and Exporting Help Center.

Can I save my work in the Hosted Trial?

All trial instances are deleted after the trial period is over. These servers are not backed up and the content that was stored on them is not recoverable. We recommend that you export any entities that you would like to access at a later time.

Should I use hosted servers for customer demos or business critical uses?

No...please no! While we strive to provide secure and reliable access to our trial servers, we do not provide 24x7 support of our hosted servers. If you need a trial server for business critical needs, please use the downloadable version.

Who should I contact with any issues or comments regarding the Developer Portal site?

Please reach out to our team TWX-DevZoneHelp@ptc.com with any issues, comments, or suggestions.