ThingWorx blends leading IoT technologies together to form the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. Using the ThingWorx Platform in your projects will enable you to rapidly deliver powerful industrial IoT applications and Augmented Reality experiences.
Ready to develop your first prototype? Download ThingWorx to install in your own environment for 90 days. Evaluate individual platform components from the table below or mix and match the modules to meet your project’s needs.

Build Industrial IoT solutions using the ThingWorx low-code development environment.

Key Features
  • Composer: low-code development environment
  • Mashup Builder: drag and drop editor to create web & mobile GUIs
  • Device Cloud Management
  • Connectivity: SDKs, REST API, Protocol Adapters, Agents & gateways, Edge Micro Server (AlwaysOn)
  • Asset Management & Remote Access
  • Software Content Management
  • Alert Management

Type: Download

Length: 90 Days

Version: 8.4

Expand your solutions with powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze data, predict issues, and automate resolutions.

Key Features
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Explanatory Analytics
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Scoring
  • Digital Simulation
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Property Transform

Type: Download

Prerequisite: You will need ThingWorx Foundation installed and running before installing ThingWorx Analytics Server or ThingWorx Platform Analytics.

  • ThingWorx Analytics Server or ThingWorx Platform Analytics may be installed independently of each other.

ThingWorx Analytics Server:

ThingWorx Analytics Server is composed of an Edge agent, a common worker, and a set of individual microservices that each focus on a specific area of functionality. Analytics Server both builds and operationalizes an analytical model.

  • Interaction with these microservices requires that ThingWorx Foundation is already installed and running.

The Analytics Extension (which is part of the Analytics Server download) may be imported into ThingWorx as part of the server installation. When implemented, it extends the functionality available in ThingWorx to include Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager.

ThingWorx Platform Analytics:

Descriptive Analytics provides services that perform common statistical calculations and facilitate statistical monitoring versus historical data. The services provided include operations such as Maximum, Mean, Median, Minimum, Mode, Standard Deviation, Threshold Count, Range Count, and Trend Count.

  • This historical data manipulation requires ThingWorx Foundation, but no other additional software.

The Property Transform microserver provides on-demand transformation services that can be used to derive value from streaming data entering ThingWorx, as opposed to Descriptive Analytics' historical limitation.

  • The transformation calculations are performed externally and require the installation of both an Apache Flink cluster and a RabbitMQ message exchange.

Length: 90 Days

Version: 8.4

Easily access data from installed industrial machine controllers (such as MES and SCADA) via OPC.

Key Features
  • 150+ industrial protocol drivers
  • Aggregation of real-time plant floor data
  • Messaging security via SSL and TLS
  • Condition Monitoring

Type: Download

Version: 8.4

Additional: ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity will run for 2 hours at a time. You can repeat the trial at any time by stopping and starting the application.

Gain insight into your factory assets and improve operational performance

Key Features
  • 30 day free access to Manufacturing Apps

Type: Download:

Install Manufacturing Apps in your environment for a period of 90 days.

ThingWorx Service Apps enables a you to understand and act on service issues before the issues cause significant disruptions in the business.

Key Features
  • Connect sensors, devices, and equipment across any network topology and communication protocol.
  • Connect devices that use the AWS IoT SDK and use the data to rapidly develop IoT solutions.
  • Asset Management: Easily monitor and manage connected assets. Enables you to quickly access critical information as well as historical asset data.
  • ThingWorx is secure by design and offers multiple authentication options to increase the security of your IoT application.

Type: Download:

Install Service Apps in your environment for a period of 90 days.

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