PTC & The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Manufacturing Initiative

PTC, in collaboration with the state of Massachusetts, is excited to offer small and medium size manufacturers the opportunity to get a free, one-year license to PTC’s Industrial Innovation Platform, ThingWorx. This manufacturing offer combines the power of the ThingWorx Manufacturing Accelerator and Apps bundled with our industry-leading ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity solutions. Massachusetts manufacturers already benefit from a comprehensive ecosystem provide by the State, and PTC is excited to join the effort to help local organizations transform manufacturing and gain a competitive advantage with Industrial IoT.

Participating companies are required to have a manufacturing facility in Massachusetts with fewer then 250 employees and under $250M in annual revenue.

ThingWorx Manufacturing Starter Kit:

  • ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform
  • ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
  • ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps and Accelerators
  • PTC online technical support
  • Online web portal resources, training guides, videos, tutorials and much more

Upon completing your application our sales team will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your eligibility!

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