New Api Explorer

January 2, 2020 | Site Enhancements

The ThingWorx Developer Portal has been updated to improve to help developers access some of the most requested content. The ThingWorx Foundation REST API is now easier than ever to try out with a new dynamic API explorer tool. This new tool new along with the downloads for our AlwaysOn SDKs are now easily available from every page of the Develpoper Portal.

It is easy to view the core REST API calls that: create new Things, update Properties of existing Things, and return the current value of a Property

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What's New in ThingWorx 8.5

November 11, 2019 | Product Release Notes

New platform features and functionality provide core enhancements to ThingWorx Service Optimization and Manufacturing solution suites.

Among these is the introduction of ThingWorx Solution Central – a new centralized, cloud-based portal that enables administrators to discover, deploy, and manage ThingWorx applications across the enterprise with ease from a single location, providing enterprise-wide visibility that fosters maximum productivity.

ThingWorx 8.5 also provides enhanced integration with Microsoft Azure, enabling a completely seamless experience for customers using Microsoft Azure ser...

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New: Learning Paths

May 13, 2019 | Site Enhancements

The ThingWorx Developer Portal is the go-to source for ThingWorx developers and users to learn how to use ThingWorx solutions, get up and running quickly, and continue to build knowledge and enhance their skillsets.

To enable users to better identify learning objectives and reduce time to proficiency, the Developer Portal has introduced Learning Paths, providing learners with step-by-step guidance through a comprehensive learning journey. Each path comprises a curated list of guides to teach related skills efficiently from start to finish and is defined by role, objective, or technology.


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What's New in ThingWorx 8.4

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What's new on the Developer Portal for ThingWorx 8.4
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