What's New in ThingWorx 8.4

New developer resources and guide updates are now available for ThingWorx 8.4.

Read on to learn about the highlights from the ThingWorx 8.4 release, access guides that will walk you through the latest UI enhancements, and get links to download the ThingWorx 8.4 trial versions.

ThingWorx Foundation Updates

Updates and improvements in ThingWorx Foundation 8.4 are targeted to improve develeoper usability, efficiency, and productivity, enhance data management, and expand remote access support.

Mashup Builder

  • Major functional and productivity enhancements to key UI building blocks
  • Advanced responsive layout allows Mashups to adapt to available screen size and improve the user experience Responsive Layout

  • New theming and web component-based widgets in Mashup Builder enable a more contemporary look and feel in applications
  • Easier to create, manage and apply ThingWorx style configurations Theme Editor


  • New function, file repository and configuration table editors are easier to use, improving developer efficiency
  • Personalized workspace for Mashup Builder enhances usability
  • Seven new languages added to expand support for global audiences

Function Editor

Data Management

  • Data storage using InfluxDB database improves time series storage/query performance
  • Query microservice built for future horizontal scale and modularity provides enhanced support for streams and value streams
  • Additional data persistence option in Azure SQL enables cloud native relational storage

Remote Access and Control

  • Increased remote access features for connected devices, allowing users to diagnose and resolve problems faster
  • Enhanced visibility and capabilities for Axeda agents connecting to the ThingWorx platform

On the ThingWorx Developer Portal, you will see these updates reflected throughout our extensive library of guides and resources.

If you would like to experience the UI changes in Mashup Builder and Composer right away, we recommend checking out one of these guides:

ThingWorx Analytics Updates

New features in ThingWorx Analytics are designed to simplify analytics processes for asset and process monitoring.

  • New property transforms improve monitoring capabilities by enabling common data transformations without writing code
  • Codeless creation of statistical process control (SPC) rule calculations simplify monitoring using SPC alerts
  • Automated meta-data inspection makes it easier and faster to create data sets

Additionally, ThingWorx Analytics is now delivered via two installers:

  1. Analytics Server: Required for traditional model-building and analytics operationalization
  2. Analytics Platform: Required for new SPC functionality Analytics installers are located here.

Free Trials and Installers

To learn more about ThingWorx trial versions to determine which is the right trial for you and to access the full offering of trials and installers, visit the Trials page.

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