What's New in Thingworx 9.2

Product Release Notes | Jul 22, 2021

Platform Capabilities

Azure IoT Hub Connector & OPCUA
  • Take advantage of an enhanced user experience & the latest releases from
    both PTC and Microsoft
New Mashup Widgets
  • Create compelling, highly functional user interfaces and analytics tools
Analytics Updates
  • Include free form text from comments, descriptions, and notes when
    generating analytics insight
  • Utilize standard date/time formats when creating data sets
Identity and Access Management
  • Use your existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) architecture to allow
    for Single Sign-On to ThingWorx with new Microsoft Azure Active Directory
    and Active Directory Federation Services integrations
Software Content Management
  • Experience improved audit performance
  • See an expanded time period in audit logs
  • Review more granular software update session details
Solution Central
  • Deploy an entire solution and all its dependencies in one click
  • Discover the newest updates in the latest release with a “what’s new”
    pop-up upon login
  • See solution details in a more organized view



Real-time Production Performance Monitoring (RTPPM)
  • Optimize performance of existing assets
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase yield
  • Decrease waste
  • Decrease unplanned downtime
  • Balance labor capital costs with production needs
Asset Monitoring and Utilization (AMU)
  • Rapidly connect to and catalog assets
  • Establish parameters to track performance
  • Quickly identify anomalous data trends
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Access performance information
  • Create configurable asset cards
Connected Work Cell (CWC)
  • Lite authoring - multiple step types and versioning
  • Routes editor
  • Work order scheduling
  • Operator executing and step-by-step tracking
  • Smart tool configuration
  • Stations dashboard display
  • File storage and document management