What's New in Thingworx 9.1

Product Release Notes | Jan 15, 2021

Platform Capabilities

Platform Updates
  • Maintain compatibility for custom extensions without the need for licensing with Open JDK for Java 11
  • Azure IoT Hub Connector now supports high availability and horizontal scalability with ThingWorx
  • Microsoft Azure deployment ARM templates enable easier provisioning of environments required for ThingWorx installs
Developer Enhancements
  • Improved support for faster application development on ThingWorx through project view
  • New building blocks, projects, and widgets simplify creation of applications
  • Inspect quality, losses, and alert information with the new Pareto Chart widget
  • Gain full control of your ThingWorx Solution Central’s user base by leveraging Azure active directory
  • Improved administrator support for SSO use cases with ThingWorx
  • Data exchange process streamlined with ThingWorx Flow OAuth Connector, providing access to enterprise data in the cloud or on premise while leveraging user credentials
  • Kepware 6.9 release:
    • Enhanced data type and structure support in OPC UA Client driver
    • Oil & Gas driver updates to improve reliability of EFM exports
  • ThingWorx Kepware Server now supports Active Directory integration, giving administrators more flexible access control to help ensure the integrity of OT systems and data

PTC Solutions

Remote Service and Monitoring
  • ThingWorx Asset Advisor
    • Leverage ThingWorx Asset Advisor features such as remote monitoring and servicing capabilities for higher scale needs
    • Comfortably ingest telemetry, calculate status, and view assets list
  • ThingWorx Software Content Management
    • Set a remote property value as part of the Software Content Management instruction package to put assets in "maintenance mode", blank a screen or, lockout keyboard and mouse access
  • Global Access Server Updates
    • RAC is now updated so multiple sessions can be established, and connection latencies are dramatically reduced
Manufacturing Digital Performance Management
  • Improved performance for customers that reuse process plans
ThingWorx Navigate
  • Adoption of latest Navigate version 9.1 for PTC Cloud customers
  • Azure IoT Hub Connector now supports high availability and horizontal scalability with ThingWorx
  • No Windchill migration required from AWS to Azure