What's New Thingworx 9

Product Release Notes | Aug 05, 2020

ThingWorx 9 enables organizations to enhance availability, scalability, operability, and deployments. The new IIoT capabilities expand connectivity options and add enhanced modeling and scoring to analytics. There are several reasons to upgrade but not limited to:

  1. High Availability and Horizontal Scalability We are proud to have “cracked the code” on delivering a highly scalable architecture that maintains the flexibility and power that our customers have come to expect from the ThingWorx experience. Active-active clustering yields the highest availability for IIoT solutions, minimizing potential for downtime and data loss. Horizontal scalability let’s you accommodate more devices connected to your system, more users using the applications and interacting with the system, and more workflows business logic analytical processing happening around the system.

  2. Enhanced Modeling and Scoring for Predictive Analytics ThingWorx already offers significant functionality to improve decision making, optimize operational processes, and reduce unplanned downtime. ThingWorx 9 improves upon these capabilities even more by enhancing the platform’s deployment architecture for edge deployments to accommodate the scoring of predictive analytics models closer to the data source for more timely insights. New confidence model training enables codeless creation of confidence models that provide a range of uncertainty for a given prediction to better facilitate automated processes and enhance human decision-making. In addition, Confusion Matrix Weights can be entered while training predictive models to optimize model threshold selection based on business value.

  3. Expanded Options for Connectivity ThingWorx 9 seamless integration between ThingWorx Kepware, Microsoft Azure, and the ThingWorx platform leverages OPC-UA to standardize data modeling, delivering intelligence and data richness from the edge to the cloud. This release also allows ThingWorx applications to subscribe to data and events from Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian (FTH). The FTH Asset Framework model is exposed in ThingWorx, enabling the ability to build a Thing Model from the Asset Framework templates in Historian.

  4. ThingWorx Solution Central Improved Application Support Experience the ability to enable IIoT across the enterprise with Solution Central via streamlined deployment and management of all ThingWorx apps. The new release improves self-service features, including the ability to view all active deployment requests, deactivate instances, delete solutions, and more.

  5. New Enterprise Security Features While there are many new features to cover, security is one we take most seriously and ensure each release resolves security vulnerabilities. The addition of Delegated Authorization to ThingWorx Flow enables the ability to pass user identity through Flow connections. This is an essential feature for use with many integrated engineering, manufacturing, and service applications. ThingWorx SDKs offer secure and robust SSL/TLS support by providing support for the latest version of OpenSSL