Guide Concept

This project will introduce the ThingWorx Mashup Builder through the use of an instructional video.

Following the steps in this video-guide, you will learn how to use this tool to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your IoT Application.

We will teach you how to rapidly create and update a Mashup, which is a custom visualization built to display data from devices according to your application's business and technical requirements.

Guide Info

Level Beginner
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published May 27, 2021
Author Jason Wyatt

You'll learn how to

  • Create new Mashups
  • Choose a Static or Responsive layout
  • Add Widgets to your Mashup
  • Bind data Services to Widgets in your Mashup
  • Create a functional GUI with applied usage of Widgets and Services
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Things used in this guide


This video-guide may be followed in any environment where you have access to ThingWorx Foundation.

This includes both the hosted-trial, as well as the downloadable installer. 

Software components:
Previous knowledge

Video Guide - Create Your Application UI