Guide Concept

This project introduces ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity.

The steps in this guide will teach you how to connect to ThingWorx Foundation via native device protocols, avoiding the complicated process of modifying remote devices and saving time. You will learn how to connect disparate systems and devices and apply business intelligence to improve operations.

Guide Info

Level Intermediate
Est. Time 2 Hours
Published March 20, 2019
Author Allen Smith

You'll learn how to

    • Create and run a simple ladder logic application on an Allen-Bradley PLC
    • Connect the PLC to the ThingWorx platform using ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
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Things used in this guide


This guide requires both ThingWorx Foundation and Industrial Connectivity. It assumes use of the 30-day hosted Foundation server or the 120-day downloadable Industrial Connectivity.

Software components:
Previous knowledge:


  • Step 1: System Set-up
  • Step 2: Install Industrial Connectivity
  • Step 3: Create Gateway
  • Step 4: Create an Application Key
  • Step 5: Connect to Foundation
  • Step 6: Bind Industrial Tag
  • Step 7: Setup PLC
  • Step 8: Create PLC Project
  • Step 9: Configure Industrial Connectivity
  • Step 10: Create Web Application
  • Step 11: Troubleshooting
  • Step 12: Next Steps
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