Guide Concept

This project will introduce functionality within the Microsoft HoloLens and the Vuforia Studio platform.

Following the steps in this guide, you will go from unboxing your very first Microsoft HoloLens to creating your first mixed reality application.

We will teach you how to create mixed reality applications that are specific to the Microsoft HoloLens using Vuforia Studio.

Guide Info

Level Intermediate
Est. Time 60 Minutes
Published October 16, 2018
Author Jason Johnson

You'll learn how to

    • How to Publish and Print your ThingMarks
    • How to connect a Microsoft HoloLens to a ThingWorx MR Experience
    • How Vuforia Studio is capable of creating vast designs and experiences
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Things used in this guide


This guide requires a connection to the Vuforia Studio platform.

In order to complete this exercise, you need the following:

Software components:
Previous knowledge:
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