Guide Concept

This guide will use ThingWorx Foundation’s Mashup Builder to create a more advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) than the one we originally created to display results from Analytics Manager’s engine-failure predictions.

Following the steps in this guide, you will learn how to utilize Widgets and backend data to more completely visualize customer failure conditions.


Guide Info

Level Expert
Est. Time 60 Minutes
Published Mar 18, 2021
Author Jason Wyatt

You'll learn how to

  • Create a Mashup with a Header
  • Divide your Mashup into Sub-sections
  • Use a Contained Mashup to reuse development
  • Store historical data in a Value Steam
  • Display historical data in a Time Series Chart
  • Show spreadsheet data via a Grid Widget
  • Tie Mashup controls into the ThingWorx backend
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Things used in this guide


In order to proceed with this guide, you must first complete the Engine Failure-Prediction GUI guide.

This guide may be completed in any environment in which you have access to both ThingWorx Foundation and Analytics.

This includes both the hosted trial, as well as a combination of both the downloadable Foundation and downloadable Analytics Server trials.

Software components:
Previous knowledge