Guide Concept

Note: This guide is intended only as a starting point and is not a fully developed or supported solution. This accelerator has been developed using ThingWorx 8.5 and should not be used with any previous versions of the software.

This project introduces you to configuring Properties from your connected streaming assets for Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitoring.

Following the steps in this guide, you will learn how multiple connected assets and their Properties can be displayed in a hierarchy tree.

You will then configure these Properties using predetermined set points, and upper and lower control points for the assets.

Finally, you will learn to navigate the monitoring of the Properties.

We introduce some of the basic building blocks of an SPC accelerator, including important Things and Mashups. You will also use ThingWorx Timers to simulate streaming data.


Guide Info

Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published Mar 18, 2021
Author David Kessler

You'll learn how to

  • Configure multiple properties for SPC monitoring
  • Identify abnormalities in streaming property values
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Things used in this guide

Software components:
  • ThingWorx Foundation
Previous knowledge