Project Concept

This project will introduce you to permissions inside of the ThingWorx platform. Permissions are used to control usage during development, runtime, and experience.

Following the steps in this guide, you will be able to create Users, User Groups, Application Keys, and Organizations and tie them together.

We will teach you how to create functional permission schemes in the ThingWorx platform to create a secure application and development environment.

Project Info

Type How To
Level Beginner
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published October 17, 2018
Author Jason Johnson

You'll learn how to

    • Configure and utilize the user access system
    • Control permissions at design time and run time
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Things used in this project


This guide requires a connection to the ThingWorx Foundation.

It assumes that you are utilizing the 30-day hosted Foundation server or the 120-day downloaded trial.

Software components:
Previous knowledge:


  • Step 1: Completed Example
  • Step 2: Common Terms
  • Step 3: Users
  • Step 4: User Groups
  • Step 5: Permissions
  • Step 6: Application Keys
  • Step 7: Organizations
  • Step 8: Next Steps