Guide Concept

Now that you understand the fundamental functionalities of the Manufacturing Apps from guides 1-3, we will see how those functionalities can be customized to provide value unique to different plant users. It is recommended that you complete guides 1-3 before starting this guide.

This guide will demonstrate how the Manufacturing Apps can be configured to provide an intuitive at-a-glance overview of a plant’s assets performances in the form of the plant’s floorplan for a Plant Manager. Using this guide, you will learn how performance metrics and asset statuses defined in projects 2-3 can be combined in a new layout.

The Custom Plant Layout App is an example of how asset data can be displayed to best fit management roles without losing value by flooding displays with too much information.

Guide Info

Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published August 01, 2019
Author Ryan Servais

You'll learn how to

    • Configure custom displays
    • Import extensions
    • Utilize pre-build services
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