Project Concept

Now that you understand the fundamental functionalities of the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps from guides 1-3, we will see how those functionalities can be customized to provide value unique to different plant users. It is recommended that you complete guides 1-3 before starting this guide.

This guide will demonstrate how the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps can be modified to include information relevant from an external database for maintenance personnel. You will learn how to establish a connection to an external Maintenance Order database and tie Maintenance Orders to the relevant asset.

The Custom Asset Viewer App you will use is designed for Maintenance personnel but is an example of how the ThingWorx Maintenance Apps can be customized for different roles within the factory.

Project Info

Type Tutorial
Level Intermediate
Est. Time 30 Minutes
Published October 17, 2018

You'll learn how to

    • Configure a custom mashup
    • Connect ThingWorx to an external database
    • Import data from an external database
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Things used in this project



  • Step 1: Download Supporting Files
  • Step 2: Create User
  • Step 3: Add Model Tag
  • Step 4: Import Extensions
  • Step 5: Configure Database Connection Properties
  • Step 6: Set Up Database
  • Step 7: Open Custom Asset Viewer
  • Step 8: Understand Supporting Services
  • Step 9: Next Steps