Have a question? We have compiled this list from popular ThingWorx Community posts.
Can I try ThingWorx for free both in PTC's Cloud, and by downloading and running it on my server?

Yes. The two free trials are completely separate. You can run them at the same time, sequentially, or with a break in-between.

When do the trial periods end?

The trial that is hosted in PTC’s Cloud ends 30 days after you first start it. The trial that you download and run on your server will stop working 90 days after you install it. Don't try installing another download of the ThingWorx trial after your trial period expires. In addition to violating the terms of your free trial license, it almost certainly will not work.

Can I move my work between the two different trials? Can I move my work onto a production ThingWorx Foundation server?

Yes! It is easy to get started with ThingWorx by using a server hosted in PTC's Cloud, and later move your work to a free ThingWorx trial you download and run on your own server. Be sure to download any work you want to save before the trial period expires for your PTC cloud hosted server. The PTC Cloud hosting system will automatically delete all data from the trial servers they host before resetting the server, so it is available for others.

Where can I get answers to general questions about using ThingWorx?

Questions posted to the Community discussion board are almost always answered within one business day. You can also use PTC Tech Support if your company has a current support-contract.

Who do I contact with questions about the guides on the Developer Portal?

Please email TWX-DevZoneHelp@ptc.com. We especially want to hear about any instructions which are confusing or may be incorrect.

Can I contact the TWX DevPortal about issues with my trial server hosted in the PTC cloud?

YES! Any question other than asking to extend a free trial :). The TWX DevPortal is not the best place to ask questions about installing or running your downloaded free trial. Please reach out to the PTC Community, or PTC Tech Support if you have a support-contract.

My ThingWorx Foundation server hosted in the PTC cloud seems to have suddenly quit working, what is going on?

Your PTC cloud hosted free trial will shut down three hours after it is started. You can restart it by visiting your server info page. The free trial you download and run on your own server will not shut down automatically and will keep running until you shut it down.

Should I use the trial hosted in PTC's Cloud, or download ThingWorx Foundation and run it on my server?

The PTC cloud hosted server is an easy way to quickly evaluate many ThingWorx features by following the step-by-step guides on the Developer Portal. If you decide ThingWorx is a solution for your company needs and want to start working on a "real" PoC, you should download the ThingWorx trial and run it on a server where you have full control.

I want to show others something I built using ThingWorx, does my server hosted in PTC's Cloud have a URL that can be accessed by anyone?

Yes, the URL and password for your hosted trial are listed on your hosted trial page. The default user is: Administrator. Instead of sharing the Administrator username and password, you can create user credentials for others to use. If you change your Administrator password do not forget it, this password is the only way anyone has administrator access your server.

Is the connection to ThingWorx server hosted in the PTC cloud secure?

Yes. The hosted server uses a signed certificate to provide HTTPS/SSL connection. Data sent to and from your ThingWorx Foundation server will be encrypted all the way from your browser to the PTC cloud.

Should I use HTTPS/SSL with downloaded free trial running on my server?

Yes, while it is not required by the installer, it is the default and is highly recommended.

Where can I find a list of ThingWorx terminology?

The ThingWorx glossary contains vocabulary, definitions and more about the ThingWorx platform solutions.