Overview of the Free Trial

With these guides, you can get up to speed quickly!

Key Benefits

Codeless Drag-and-Drop Interface

Author and publish compelling AR experiences in an intuitive drag-and-drop authoring environment without writing code.

Industry-Leading AR Technologies

Out-of-the box support for leading AR technologies allow you to rapidly develop production-ready AR experiences for Microsoft HoloLens or Apple's AR Kit.

Data Integration

Enhance your AR experience by seamlessly integrating real-time IoT and enterprise data to provide insightful interactions with connected products and operations.

Leverage Existing 3D CAD Data

With ThingWorx Studio, you can reuse existing 3D content, CAD, SLM and other enterprise system data to simplify the creation of your AR experience while preserving engineering intent.

Create Visual Step-by-Step Instructions

ThingWorx Studio simplifies the process of creating step-by-step instructions and adding 3D documentation to your experience.

Universal Viewer Application

All experiences built in ThingWorx Studio can be viewed and interacted with via one single application, ThingWorx View.


  • Use our intuitive, codeless drag and drop environment to create AR experiences.
  • Integrate existing CAD content and SLM data to present service comprehensive work instructions via augmented reality.
  • Visualize IoT data in your AR app by integrating sensor data and enterprise system data from ThingWorx. Simply search for the ThingModel and bind the Thing properties or services to your experience.
  • Leverage pre-built widgets to accelerate your design process and add interactive functionality to your UI.
  • Using CSS or Javascript you can create custom styles or extend capabilities of your experience.
  • Optimize the size of your experience by leveraging our built in compression.
  • Manages all AR experiences created in ThingWorx Studio and delivers relevant, contextualized information for each uniquely identifiable object.
  • Unique identifier that encodes (128 bit encoding) the unique ID into an optical machine-readable representation and is then placed onto an object. Once scanned, ThingWorx View recognizes the relevant experiences and launches it including its corresponding data.
  • ThingWorx View uses the ThingMark as a reference to align 3D information contextually and spatially.
  • You can use ThingMarks to track a vast number of products.
  • ThingWorx View recognizes AR experiences built in ThingWorx Studio and produces a mobile AR experience when users scan a ThingMark.
  • Experiences augment the view of your immediate surroundings with context-sensitive information and graphics, enabling you to interact directly with the things around you. * ThingWorx View enables you to display IoT data in real-time on your mobile device.

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