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Connect and Configure Industrial Devices and Systems

Configure and connect industrial devices and systems in any environment.

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The C SDK is the basis for ThingWorx Edge SDKs and the Edge MicroServer (EMS). You can compile C SDK applications on any platform and even run it without an operating system. Using the C SDK for your application means least amount of RAM, processing power, and disk space, frequently requiring less than 200 kilobytes. The C SDK is also the only SDK that is distributed as source code.

Java SDK

The Java SDK is especially useful if you are integrating with an application that uses a Java-based API. While applications based on the Java SDK tend to use more RAM, processing power, and disk space than a C SDK equivalent application, they typically take less time to develop. To use it, you will need a platform with a supported Java Virtual Machine. The Java SDK support Android development.


Use the Microsoft .NET SDK when integrating with a .net based application or if your team typically works with Microsoft technologies. It may only be used on Windows based machines.


The iOS SDK integrates with Apple's iOS based devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It can be used as a bridge where the iOS based device collects data from a source, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, processes it, and communicates with the ThingWorx Platform.

Android SDK

The Android SDK can be used to integrate with Android based devices. Keep in mind that that dedicated devices are more likely to run Linux or Windows than Android.

Check out our Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT to understand the basics of ThingWorx and quickly experience how easy it is to develop an IIoT application.

Use the REST API to Connect Low-Capability Devices to ThingWorx

Using the ThingWorx REST API is an easy way for low-capability devices to connect with the ThingWorx platform and push data to the platform. Any edge device that can make an HTTP POST can read and update properties or execute services on the ThingWorx platform.

Connect natively to ThingWorx using an AlwaysOn protocol SDK

SDKs are available for Java, C, .net and Android and allow you to connect your devices to ThingWorx with the AlwaysOn protocol. Using the Edge SDKs will give you all the flexibility you need to meet your application's requirements and build robust, secure, full-featured edge integrations and gateways for any platform.

Secure, embeddable, and easily deployable communications designed for connecting sensors, devices and equipment across any network topology and any communication scenario.

The Edge Microserver proxies connections via AlwaysOn

Connect your devices to the ThingWorx platform with the Edge MicroServer, a pre-built application that enables devices incapable of making TLS connections to securely interact with the platform.

Access data from industrial machine controllers

ThingWorx Kepware Server with 150+ industrial protocol drivers allows you to easily connect to different types of industrial equipment. The interface provides real-time, bi-directional industrial controls data to the ThingWorx Platform via the AlwaysOn protocol.

Device Cloud Adapters

Connect devices with the adapter of your choice and integrate with ThingWorx to build scalable IoT applications.

Protocol Adapter Toolkits to connect any existing protocols

The Protocol Adapter Toolkit can help in cases where you need to connect small devices that are not able to run the ThingWorx Edge MicroServer or one Edge SDKs. Using our protocol adapters allows you to translate native device formats to communicate with ThingWorx. 

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