Our GUI IDE is an ideal environment for you to bring your application from concept to reality. You can quickly create a prototype application or proof of concept. The most important element of the planning phase is creating a data model, which allows you to put information gathered from disparate systems into context. With a properly-constructed framework, your application will be scalable, flexible and more secure. Design and develop your entire IoT application on our rapid, model-based development platform. Extend your application with existing plug-ins and extensions on the ThingWorx Marketplace to streamline your development time.

Build the Data Model

Define the properties, services, and events of Things you want to expose to your application developers. The ThingWorx Data Model is a logical representation of the physical devices, systems, and people that interact with your application.

Consume the Data Model

Utilize REST APIs to make your model easy to consume. Individual APIs of your Things provide handles for the applications you create.

Extend the Platform Capabilities

Take advantage of extensions from partners and third-parties to add new functionality into your system in a seamless manner. Extensions can be service (function/method) libraries, connector templates, widgets, and more.

Additional Resources

Access additional information to build your IoT application.
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Extensibility Documentation
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