In these days of smart devices, almost any device can be connected to a network for a variety of purposes. With ThingWorx, data can be sourced directly from connected Things at the Edge in a factory or from 3rd-party business and engineering systems.

ThingWorx APIs

Apply the ThingWorx suite of APIs to interface with devices, business systems, and develop platform extensions. Using the REST API you can create, modify, and delete Things in order to model an application in the ThingWorx Foundation server.

ThingWorx SDKs

Use SDKs to connect your devices to our platform with the AlwaysOn protocol. With ThingWorx you can quickly and efficiently send data back and forth between the platform and devices. We have written tutorials that show you how to utilize the resources provided in the SDKs to build an IoT application.
Compile C SDK applications on any platform
Java SDK
Use the Java SDK to integrate with any Java-based API
Integrate with a .NET application on Windows machines
Integrate with Apple devices to communicate with the ThingWorx Platform
Android SDK
Integrate with Android devices to communicate with the ThingWorx Platform

ThingWorx Edge MicroServer

Connect your devices to the ThingWorx platform with the Edge MicroServer, a pre-built application that enables devices incapable of making TLS connections to securely interact with the platform.

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity

Manage, monitor, and control your industrial automation devices and map data to the ThingModel. We support industry-standard specifications (OPC) and communication protocols (MQTT, REST, or ODBC). Download the trial here.

Device Cloud Adapters

Connect devices with the adapter of your choice and integrate with ThingWorx to build scalable IoT applications.


Use industry standard protocols such as MQTT, COAP, etc. to communicate with the ThingWorx platform.
MQTT Extension
MQTT is a M2M connectivity protocol designed as an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging...
The CoAP protocol was developed for simple devices allowing them to communicate via the internet.

Additional Resources

Access additional information to connect your devices and applications.
REST API Documentation
The complete ThingWorx REST API documentation is found here.
Edge Documentation
The complete ThingWorx Edge SDKs and EMS documentation is found here.
Industrial Connectivity Documentation
The complete Industrial Connectivity server documentation is found here.