Once your devices are connected, data must be synthesized to mitigate the inherent challenges with the volume, variety and velocity of IoT data. Our analytics tools provide graphical visualizations of how your connected devices are performing in real-time. The diagnostic tools also detect anomalies so you can set up alerts to be notified when things go wrong, and gain insight into why the issues are occurring. Our prescriptive tools make recommendations for how you can modify your application settings to optimize performance. These powerful analytics features are imperative for your IoT applications.

Analytics Guides

Embed analytics capabilities into your IoT applications in order to monitor real-time data, predict future events and conditions, and optimize performance of devices and organizations. Graphical visualizations provide insight into what's happening in your application, how the processes are performing in real-time, and detect anomalies.
How To
Learn how to utilize the Analytics API services to integrate data analysis into your applications.
Learn and Explore Further:
Learn how to use the Analytics API to create a dataset, then make and evaluate predictions.
Learn how to use ThingWorx Analytics tools to create insights into data
How To
Learn how to set-up and monitor Properties with Anomaly Detection

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